By: Tereza

Tereza praxe

My name is Tereza, and I am a first-year student of Packaging Graphic Design at SŠMŠ Litoměřice. As a part of my work experience organised by the school, I had an opportunity to spend two weeks at Fiala & Šebek. This has given me a chance to observe the professional environment of my field, to see the proper operational procedures and also try the work of a graphic designer or an account manager.

Immediately from the start, I was allocated a position in the graphic department, which I held for the entire time at the company. I was introduced to the team then started to work on my first assignment straightaway.
Later, I was also working in other departments, which gave me a unique possibility to see directly how the company is managed and how work is set. I tried a different operation system from the one I am used to, and I was explained the precise procedures. I did my best to find my way in the company’s information system as all the jobs are managed through it. Whenever I was not sure or I was interested in something, there was always somebody willing to explain it me.

There is a very welcoming environment in the company. I got on well with everybody and found all the staff very friendly. At the graphic department, where I spent most of my time, they have strong professional relationships and help one another with the work.

I was also offered a chance to take part in the account managers’ meetings and learn how to communicate with a client. Moreover, I was assigned a real job, which was to prepare a design for a website. I enjoyed the communication between a graphic designer and an account manager concerning the given job. Now, I can understand how important it is to clarify the brief so as to make sure all the client’s requirements are met even though the client is very demanding or does not have a clear idea about the outcome.

I regard this experience very positively and am glad I could spend my work experience at Fiala & Šebek.



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