By: Marek

How to reveal Becherovka’s secret?

Becherovka is without question one of the local iconic brands, which is a real joy and honour to work for.

Therefore, the creation of special limited edition designs of Becherovka Originál was not only a prestigious but also an intriguing challenge and pleasure for us.

The job concerned a limited edition collectors’ set of four labels. The design focuses on the mystical story of mixing the herbs and partly reveals the unique secret recipe by introducing the selected herbs, one for each label.

Instead of standard alukett labels, authentic, more traditional and ecological paper ones were used. To achieve the premium look, the labels are completed through the use of printing, including direct colours, two different stampings and, most importantly, a special “invisible” technochromatic colour, which appears only after the bottle has been chilled to reveal the yet-untold part of the magic story.

The secret recipe brought us one more great joy: the limited edition of Becherovka Originál was awarded this year’s “Obal roku”  in the beverages category.



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